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Klub Golf Rimba Irian

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Club Details


Jl Mawar No 100
Kuala Kencana - Papua


S 424'24 E 13652'23


(0901) 301 555



Club Details - Course Description - Score Card - Map

Course Description

Designed by 1995 Masters champion Ben Crenshaw and his partner Bill Coore, this course opens up the world of genuine "Jungle Golf" in its purest form.
Set amidst a genuine jungle in Papua, it is probably one of the most exciting courses you can play anywhere in the world. Surrounded by gigantic fig trees and dense jungle teeming with wild life, the course offers a once in a life time golfing experience.
The opening hole sets off into the jungle and is the prelude to a round of golf only few will dislike. The course is closely cut out from the majestic jungle. At some of the holes more than one hundred meter high fig trees are a predominant feature.
Playing golf amidst this imposing living natural jungle - where tree tops are home to hundreds of bird species - is something different and it will surely be engraved in your mind forever.
This is the habitat of the Bird-of-paradise, White- and Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, multi-colored parrots, Papuan Hornbill, Rainbow Lorikeets, cassowaries, wallabies, kangaroos and Boelen's Python. It is the real deal and when you get the chance to play this course, don't pass on it.


Club Details - Course Description - Score Card - Map

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