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Laguna Bintan Golf Club

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Club Details


Site A4
Lagoi, Bintan Utara
Bintan - Riau Islands


N 110'55 E 10420'24


(0770) 693 100


(0770) 693 200







Club Details - Course Description - Score Card - Map

Course Description

Laguna Bintan is an incredibly attractive layout. it offers some of the best golfing holes in Asia. The seaside holes make you realize that golf in the tropics is really something special, with crystal clear blue water and waving palm trees as a perfect backdrop.
Designed by Greg Norman, this course offers golfers of every level of skill a perfect challenge. Especially the ocean holes #2, #3 and #4, hole #7 and the finishing hole on the front nine, as well as holes #11, #12, #14 and #17 on the back nine are testament to this statement.
It goes without saying that Laguna Bintan is a terrific and typical Greg Norman course. With holes creatively designed and with plenty respect for the environment from which it came into existence, it is competitive and daring as the man himself. Fans of Greg Norman "the designer", will enjoy playing this competitive layout.
Special advice is to stay away from the bunkers. At Laguna Bintan they form an extra handicap as they are filled with a sort of powdery stuff that creates perfect "fried eggs". Trying to get out from that sort of a lie could easily destroy your score.


Club Details - Course Description - Score Card - Map

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